Being a fan doesn't mean you were there from the beginning. It means you are willing to be there till the end.

I wasn't there from the beginning, but I know for sure that I will be there till the end. I really love one direction. Larry Stylinson is my favorite bromance and that's where my blog is all about. Hope you like it :)


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One Direction  Magazine Covers

Anonymous said: well l hope you get tickets and have enough fun, although we Narnian directioners won't have that opportunity :)

well unfortunately I didn’t get tickets :( 17.000 tickets, sold out in 15 minutes.. So now all I can do is cry and fangirl over the album which I get next week.

One Directions tickets for the Take Me Home Tour in Europe go on sale at 10 AM. I AM SO FREAKING NERVOUS! I really really want the tickets, and I can’t staaand it when girls at my school who only know them for about 3 months do get tickets, and I don’t. Because I know that’s exactly what’s going to happen.. Wish me luck! 


Zayn at El Hormiguer

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